Monthly Archives: June 2014

Where Are You Going?

Lately, I have been pondering this simple quote that came to mind…”Don’t take negative steps forward.” A lot of times people feel that they are moving forward, but what you have to ask yourself is are you moving forward in the right direction. It is important to do a regular self-evaluation of your life in order to stay on the right track. During the hustle and bustle of things, not only do we sometimes lose sight of who we are, but also what our purpose is and what our goals and aspirations are.

If you never think about where you are going, chances are, you will find yourself going nowhere fast. I have found that to be dangerous territory to be in because during that time, you are just existing and not living. When you think about where you are going, it is very crucial that you are completely honest with yourself abut where you are in life at that very moment.

In closing, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is the gift of “truth”. When you can master how to truly be true to yourself, it is then that you can begin to take positive steps forward instead of negative steps forward!


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