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Character is developed over time and is best seen as an observable behavior. There are certain characteristics that we also possess such as drive, self-discipline, competitiveness, and complacency to name a few.  Character can be broken down into thinking, feeling, and doing.  This is a unique program that focuses on defining character and learning about who you are as a person and explains why you think, feel, and do things a certain way.
Some personality traits may naturally lead people into leadership roles although people can choose to be leaders.  Leaders typically inspire others into higher levels, but in order to do this one must work and study to improve their leadership skills.  This program is designed to teach you the keys, factors, and principles of effective leadership.
Awareness can best be defined as knowledge gained by means of information.  The topics discussed includes abstinence, alcohol & other drugs, and self awareness to name a few.  This high energy program focuses on awareness through making healthy lifestyle choices and is widely presented to youth.
Spirituality is the way in which you find comfort, hope, meaning, and inner peace in your life.  There are many health benefits of spirituality and during these times it is important to have faith, love, support, forgiveness, and prayer.  This unique program focuses on the importance of spirituality in our lives and how it can help us to cope and help others  that are in need.
 ‹Personal Development
Personal development involves both individual self development and the development of others.  On an individual basis, it includes plans and actions towards one or more goals.  The individual gains confidence, self-esteem and valuable life skills.  This program provides valuable information and activities that contribute to the realization of dreams and goals.