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We all have a choice…whether we make the right one or wrong one is up to us!  Many feel as though they don’t have a choice regarding there jobs and decisions, to name a few.  It may be because they have a family to take care of or maybe they feel the need to be looked highly upon by peers.  Whatever the case, we ALL have a choice.

As I sit here thinking back over my life, it is easy for me to have a pity party and feel bad about the wrong choices I made, but it is those same choices that made me who I am today!  I look at them as learning experiences!  Some choices I made were right while others were wrong.  Regardless of the outcome, I have not allowed it to deter me from my ultimate goal!

One of the most valuable assets in life is having a positive mindset!  You can’t define happiness by what you have or who you are, it is about what you think!


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