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Mind Over Matter

In life, we all face situations where our mindset can affect us negatively or positively! It is ultimately up to us which one we allow. There is one important thing we must do if we want to reach our full potential!

We have to change our “stinking thinking”! When life happens, we sometimes find ourselves in a state of what I call a “brain attack”. During this time, we only have negative thoughts and never try to find the positive in the circumstance or find a way to get through it. Instead, we mope around and let life happen instead of making things happen. We must get into a habit of thinking positive thoughts and not letting people or situations keep us down. When things happen, shake it off and get back on focus!

If people will tap into the power they possess within themselves, they will realize it is just a case of mind over matter. If you have a positive mindset, you can overcome any matter at hand! Always remember, “Your mindset determines your outcome.”

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Choosing to Change

No matter what walk of life we come from, we all have one thing in common: choices.  We all have the choice to change or remain the same.  I encourage each of you to make the choice today to change!  Change for the better, that is!

Change is not always received well by others, especially if they will be affected by the change.  There are 3 obstacles that we must overcome before we can take that step of faith to change.

First, we must overcome fear of rejection.  Fear is the most common obstacle that keeps us from reaching our destination.  Fear of rejection by those we love and care for is the biggest.  Just as we became complacent where we were, those around us grew used to our actions and routines as well.

When you change, it not only affects you, but those around you also.  We must strive to get to the place where we know who we are and where we are headed.  If you know your purpose and what you are called to do, don’t sleep on it!  Have faith because that is what you will need!  Don’t be discouraged if people turn their backs on you. When someone’s back is turned to you, they can’t see where you are going, but you can still see beyond them!!

Secondly, we must overcome fear of failure.  It is my belief that you only fail when you give up.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some things that are not for us, so we have to be careful to distinguish between the two…that’s another topic though!

When you have a desire in your heart that is according to God’s will, He will help you to see it through.  You have a special calling on your life and because of that, the enemy will do everything he can to distract and deter you from your destination.  Stay focused and trust God to get you to where you are headed.  Most times, it won’t come easy because your test builds a testimony, your stumble keeps you humble, your mess becomes your message and in all of these things give God all the praise, glory, and honor.  Don’t worry, you will get to where are going!

Lastly, we must overcome the fear of the unkown.  Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.  When you walk by faith and not by sight, that’s when the fear of the unknown sets in.  When you get that feeling, it means that you are just that much closer to your victory.  Although we don’t have all the answers, God has our back, front, side, top, and bottom.  When we trust Him to lead us, there is no way we can miss the mark!

Choose this day to change for the better and I promise you won’t regret it!


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