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The Best Is Yet To Come

In life, we face many challenges and obstacles! It is how we handle them that determines the next steps of our life.  I am a firm believer that your mindset determines your outcome!

There are several people that are in my inner circle that are facing a variety of hardships whether financially, physically, or mentally! I do my best to encourage them and let them know that the best is yet to come and to stand firm.

When you are facing difficult situations in life, it is of extreme importance to surround yourself only with positive people. This may seem hard for some people to do because some of the negative people in your lives may be close family members or friends. You have to remember that before you can effectively take care or love anyone else, you must take care of and love yourself.  During those rough times in your life, you have to stay positive because any minor setback can cause you to make a decision that will have your life completely out of control.

It is when you change your mindset from negative to positive, that you will begin to see that things are not as bad as you thought they were. I truly feel that this is a season restoration, so whatever you feel that you have lost, will be given back to you double fold. In other words, you will get double for your trouble! Look forward toward your future instead of backwards at your past because you will see that the best is yet to come…when it comes, it will be here to stay! Do you believe that? I DO!!!

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New Beginnings

Do you know of anyone that is afraid of change. Are you afraid of change? Both of those are important questions to think about. In life, I have learned that the only thing constant is change. Changes can take place instantly or over an extended period of time. Either way, at some point, we all experience change. For me, the best way to describe change is “new beginnings”. New beginning may be a little intimidating, but it is only because it is “new”. Once you learn how to embrace change and accept new beginning, life will become a lot less stressful.

For example, some of the friends you had in elementary school may not be your friends at this point in your life. You change and people change. We have to remember not to hold grudges when people we were once close to walk out of our lives. Some people are supposed to be in your life for a season and some for a lifetime. This is something that everyone, everywhere has to deal with.

The best advice that I can give you concerning new beginnings, is that when you meet new people it creates new opportunities. I know that Drake says, No New Friends”, but in order to move forward in life you will encounter new people and experiences. Embrace the opportunities for change in order to grow and learn along your journey!


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