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A Fighting Chance

We all deserve to win in life, but some of us will give up before that happens! While you are going through, be careful not to give up before you break through! I’m not saying that it is easy to disregard any challenges we face and stay focused. At some point, we all lose focus, but you must NOT stay off focus.

One thing that helps me to reach my goals is posting affirmations around the house. The more you write and recite your goals, the closer you will become to reaching them! never give up just because life throws you a curveball. Go back up to the plate and hit a homerun. NO one who was ever successful went through life without failing at something! Always remember that you deserve a fighting chance! I believe in you and I hope you believe in yourself!

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Choose To Win

None of use are exempt from disappointments, setbacks (whether minor or major), heartache, pain, frustration, guilt, and so on. (I’m sure you get the picture!) Once we accept this fact, it saves us a lot of time on trying to figure everything out. I cannot express this enough, “Your mindset determines your outcome.”

Stop stressing over things you cannot change. Once it’s done, it’s done. From that point, all we can do is move forward. By moving forward, it allows us to make progress. If you do look back, only do it to remember where and how far you have come from. It’s not possible to make the same mistake twice because after the first time it becomes a choice. Since we have a choice, let’s choose to win!

We can’t go through life holding onto things and people that were only meant to be in our lives for a season or two. When we hold on to things or people that have expired in our lives, it hinders us from getting to the next level. We have to learn to let go when it’s time and not be afraid of the outcome. Take a moment to think about some things or people we have been holding on to past the expiration date. Holding on can cause us to lose, so choose to win!

“Instead of looking at the trials we face as a life sentence, look at them as a served term.” Trials don’t last forever–You are free to Choose To Win!!!




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